Error quantity in Reported as Finished update form (AX 2009)

Hello, In AX 2009, when we update the production order status to Reported as Finished, we can enter the rejected item quantity in the field ‘Error Qty’. Total started quantity = Good qty. + Error qty. After posting, where can we see the effects of this error quantity? I want to see both effects - quantity as well as value. Regards, Shreenivas Vaidya

You dont, the costing method will impact here and what it does, but if you consume 10 components and make 9 finished product the 10 component costs inflate the cost of the 9. It does not RAF 10 and then write one off, if you need to do this you book 10 in and move/adjust one off and treat it is a direct loss and not an absorbed cost of the finished quantity. Accountants generally see it as a consumed cost of the finished. Still all from memory this, I beleive it is a RAF balance to close the job and push ending if it matches the last operation good quantity. Look at the Analysis reports for costing and estimates in production, that will be your best after ending the order and distributing the costs.

Thanks for your reply Adam,

But my point is,when i am importing this lines to purchase line table first it should be validate quantity field not quantity to receive in purchase line table. then this request will go to my ware house people then they will scan each and every product with some unique id to do inward.when where house people scanning this products, that time qty to receive field should be validate(i have written code for this scenario).so in this process i dont want to update qty to receive field with quantity field in the purchase line table.(in this process is there any damage products that will resend to vendor).


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