Error psoting purchase invoice when using item tra

I have a client with a specific problem. they are using Nav Attain 3.6, financials, lean manufactirung, advanced distribution with a customised RF module. The problem they are having is, some invoices that have been fully received when they attempt to post the purchase invoice the posting routine will fall over with the message: “The quantity you are attempting to invoice is greater than the quantity in the receipt XXXXXXXXX.” When they are posting the invoice, they use the get receipt functionality. This appears fine, but there also appears to be a check within the item tracking which is causing the trip.# Has any other else encountered this??[?]

Hi, I just posted this in PartnerSource als bug. What’s the problem? The posting routine checks to invoice line to see how much is received. But when you use the get receipt functionality nothing is received on the invoice line. Don’t know how fast Navision is responding to this problem. Regards,

Jans, Thanks, since i no longer work for a NSC I find getting information difficult. Appreciate, Gerry