Error posting Sales Invoice

Hi guys,

I’m trying to post a Sales invoice and getting the following error: "The Quantity on Inventory is not sufficient to cover the Net Change in Inventory. The identification fields are: Item Journal Template " ", Journal Batch Name " ", Line No. “0”. I have checked all my items and stock is available and these are not serial number items and i’m not sure how to find line zero. Can anyone help?

Check the stock for the location used in Sales Invoice.

Turn on the Debugger & repeat this process and see if it gives you some clue.

Availability is by Location…

Check if you have right Location entered (where there IS enough stock for said invoice), or maybe you have left Location blank.

added: It’s not an Issue in Navision - so I moved your post to appropriate (End User) forum. Please use appropriate forums for your questions - that will speed up getting answers.

Thanks for the reply but i have already checked the locations and there is stock in the said location.

Is the location on the line the same as the header? i.e. are you sure you’re taking inventory from the right location.

Right variant codes? If you’re using them.

Location is same as header and we don’t use variants. May be i just need to delete and start all over again.

That error-message somehow does not “sound” like a standard one. And I cannot locate it within codeunits 22 or 80. Perhaps this is a modification in your system… A modification that doesn’t act correctly…