error posting payment journal

Hi, I got the following error when open the Payment Journal:

the filter ‘(PYMT-VEND)&(PYMT-VEND)’ on the Journal Template Name field in the Gen. Journal Line table should specify an interval.
there’re two permiited formats for filters that specify an interval:

*A this filter selects values equal to A
*A…Z this filter selects value between A and Z (inclusive).

can anyone advise? thanks.


I got the error when clicking Financial Management/Payables/Payment Journals. PYMT-VEND is the journal template. I don’t see (PYMT-VEND)&(PYMT-VEND) in the template, how can I change it to PYMT-VEND?


I believe there is a filter on the journal telling you something that is incorrect - can you remove all filters? Perhaps delete your zup file?