Error -> Posting Date are not within allowed range

  1. In G/L setup the dates are in range.

  2. For user the dates are in allowed range too.

  3. The document has 1 receipt posted against a Job on 09/30/09 and user is trying to Invoice it on 10/14/09. System gives me the error that posting date is not within the range allowed for Item Journal Line .

Now in Inventory posting setup I have “Always” selected in Automatic Cost Adjustment and Day as average calc period. Costing method is Average.

Now after debugging I noticed that this entry is trying to apply against the entry posted on 09/30/09 but that belongs to a different Purchase Order. This is the surprising find as in any case this shudn’t have happened i.e. why it is applying or trying to apply this entry to entry which is not from this Document No.

Has anybody faced such Issue ever earlier ?

Oh yeah forgot to mention no customization and it is 5.0 SP1. Though it may not matter but WIP method for Job is “Cost Value”.

Solved, Just a blind eye G/L dates were 090109 to 100109 and User Setup dates were 100109 to 103109. And this was posting of receipt posted in 093109.