Error Posting Bank Payment Voucher ?

The error msg while posting is :-

the bank account ledger already exists. Indentification Fields and values:Entry No. =‘2’

can any body tell me the solution ?

Looks like an impossible error. Sp what did you do to debug it so far?
Did you look at this questions?

Do you have any customization’s in this area? Which version and localization of NAV?
Does it happen to all users and all journals?
Have you tried posting a journal with just one line (plus balancing entry)?

i have no customization’s in this area, i am using nav 2016 IN ,
it is happening in this journal only.
i have tried posting a journal with just one line though i am getting the same error.

in case of preview posting everything is fine.

And the same is happening for other users?

Did you try to debug it with the debugger?