Error on xml import with NAV4.0


I’ve started just tried to build my first xml import and am getting an error on the second line!!! And wonder if anyone could help?

The first part of the xml looks like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>





And I have defined an xml import with the following criteria ( I’m only showing the first three as the error seems to be there).

TagName TagType SourceType DataSource

clic2XML Element Text

messageheaderElement Text

Destination Attribute Text

The error I get specified that “the Element is unexpected. Any ideas?

Many Thanks


is the messageheader element indented under the root element?

yes on the xml file and the xmlport

Unfortunatily its difficult to show as the editor on the web site seems to clear spaces up

What that error means is that there’s an element called messageheader that the xmlport is not expecting. The messageheader element in your xml file must not be defined at the same position as the one in your xmlport. I’d have to see the whole xml file and the whole xmlport.

can i send you the files? Is so what email address can I use?



It looks like when you posted the XML code into the editor, you have allow HTML on, so the XML was taken as valid code. What you will need to do is to put some ignore tags around your XML: such as the [ quote ] … [ /quote ] tags like this.