Error on Open (SO, SRO, SCM) Form

hi all,

a happy new year 2013 to everyone…!

anyone ever encounter error whenever user open up a sales form (eg: sales order, sales return order, sales credit memo)

error message:

There is no Location within the Filter.
Filters Code: ABCD, Blocked: No, User AS In-Transit: No

The location card was blocked which is part of the business requirements as there is shifting of office location.
We have to unblocked ABCD location card (which is a temporary measure)

Anyone knows what is the caused ?

Remove all filters set on form by clicking Shift+Ctrl+F7

Or check whether you have any code on onOpen Form trigger.

if not then delete zup file and check.

hi mohana,

think there’s a customisation that the default when open up form it wil get company cinformation card> responsibility center, and check if this user
does have setup in the responsibility center…

I guess when they blocked in RC card, they had forgotten to change the Rc’s in Company Information. I had changed the RC’s already see if user still
reports this issues.

*crossing my finger