Error on NAV SP3

Hello All,

Iam getting this error when from is open

The sales detail form MRMS Table contains a value in a code feild that cannot be user with
Microsoft Business Solution- NAV
Feild: Cusotmer No.
Value: Local

any idea how to get solu

MRMS table has a field Customer No. as Code datatype which accepts only UPPER case characters but it has a value Local in lower case characters also.

you must have imported using dataport so you need to correct the data by changing it to Upper case like LOCAL

Mohan but showing the Capital letter in MRMS table as LOCAL

so there is problem of Type conversion

now when opening the table the error is coming

same error


It can be in some other record also…you cant see it…it will close the table without showing.

you need to di it either SQL Query or re-importing Dataport with Upper case…


the table is not opening so how to do this

This data could not have been loaded via Dataport, as NAV would not have allowed it. This would have to have been loaded externally thru some SQL utility. I’d go back to whoever loaded the data and have them corrected it. Or remove it, and reload it properly thru NAV. Likely that you have lower-case characters in that CODE field.

Can I use evaluate function to change the data from lower case to upper case if yes can you please let me know how to do this.

You can use UPPERCASE function only…

Agreed. Thank You for correcting [Y]

can you give some example how to use this I have never use this one

for this I need to make report or some thing please

You need to create report with table MRMS as dataitem

Write below code on MRMS - OnAfterGetRecord trigger

Cusotmer No. := UPPERCASE(Cusotmer No.);


I guess Cusotmer No. field is not a part of primary key


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