Error on Item Card Global Dimension 2 Setup-NAV

Hi Experts,

I am a Beginner and currently setting-up Item Card. I made the Global Dimension 2 default for Items. I’m trying to default it using the Item Card so that it would become the same with the Customer Card - for the Global Dimension 1. However, In Customer Card, I can set-up the specific Dimension Value per customer but on the Item Card, it seems only 1 Dimension Value code appears on all Items. Kindly help please.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

How? Created a template?

if template contains Dim Value, that exact value will be entered, when you apply template.

Hi Modris! Thanks for helping. Kindly advise what Template are you referring to?

I need to setup specific Dimension Code Value per Item. But unfortunately, when I choose a Dimension Value on 1 Item, it duplicates all Shortcut Dimension 2 on all Item Cards. Please advise what should I do. Thank you.

It is possible only if you do the following:

  1. Open Item LIST (not Card)
  2. select ALL lines
  3. click Item / Dimensions / Dimensions-Multiple
  4. enter the Dim Code & Dim Value in the form opened by previous step & click OK

no other way to set DimValue for ALL Items to the SAME value - if you open Item CARD, and set default Dims from there, it affects ONLY the current Item.

What were the steps YOU performed which ended up affecting ALL Items? Please clarify, because I can’t imagine how you gained such result…

Can you explain a bit the sentance above how many specific dimensions are you thinking about?

Sometimes if you need to group certain types of items together you can use Item Categories & Product Groups.

If I could go back in time I would have never used Dimensions. Now I have 100 million records in a table we never use.

Hi Modris,

Thank you for the effective solution. It did worked! I just followed your recommendation how to setup the Dimension on the Item.

More power! God bless!

Hi Savatage,

My client is requiring a report on Item Analysis that’s why they need to setup Dimension on Items not just using Item Category/Product Groups.