error on ending an order

I am getting the following error when attempting to end status update. Quantity ordered cannot be reduced because there are not enough inventory transactions with ordered status. What causes this and how do I fix it?

Production I presume? has been reported as finished I presume? posted and closed all picking list journals? reporting the amount started? 2009? More information please!

You presume correctly. 2009, Picking, route card and report as finished journals are all posted. Report as finished is using registration and has been posted to received status. Mostly this error is showing up on Batch process orders. Reporting may or may not be the total amount started for each co/product.

So it is a merged process MDIS. Are you ticking the report as finished on the end? Have you reported as finished the manufactured and the co-by products and ensured they have been set as end job? Has it ever worked? Are you in testing? Any modifications?

I am not sure what you mean by “merged process MDIS”. We are marking the report as finished and the end job. It does not happen all the time. The majority of our transactions do go through without error. There has been a modification to catch weight on this system. The balance of the process module is default.

Process is an add-on, it is merged into the standard code and is refered to as a Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solution (MDIS). I would recommend you get your partner to de-bug the issue with the modification on catchweight taken into consideration.