ERROR on Ax 2012 report Function SrsReportDataProviderPreProcess: :disableLockEscalation has been incorrectly called.

The following error is coming up while opening "Divided Trail Balance " Report (GL–>Reports–>Transactions)

Function SrsReportDataProviderPreProcess::disableLockEscalation has been incorrectly called.
1321.qiyas report error.PNG

Kindly help me to resolve this.

Thanks in advance…

Hi Venkatesh,

This method essentially ensures system memory doesn’t get out of control during report generation process.

Are there any customization in this report or tables used in this report?

Yes there is a customization in this report and table as well…

Let me be very clear on this problem to resolve it by identifying the root cause…

There are two servers 1) Dvelopment with the following kersnel version


  1. Live with following kernel version

There are tow problems in Live

1)GL–>Trail Balance(Form) Form name LedgerTrailBalanceListPage

0410.Live Trial balance.PNG

Observation in DEV Server for the same form ledgertrail balance.PNG

In other server ledger trail balance.PNG


  1. Problem is GL–>Reports–>DividedTrailBalance–>

throws the following error now. divide error.PNG

Kindly help me in resolving this.

Your help is most appreciated and thank you in advance…

It’s surprising that LedgerTrialBalanceTmp is temporary in AX2012 R1 and persistent in R2. Be careful if you use both versions and move code between them.

You said you have some customizations there - even if you don’t see anything suspicious, try to remove them. If it fixes the problem, your modifications are the culprit.

The error is thrown by disableLockEscalation() if it’s called for a wrong table. Look at the call stack in debugger and try to find out what code is passing the invalid value.