Error occurred when the project deployed with the temp table with the new fields

I am a new AX2012 developer. I did the AX2012 report. I did the report with the temp table (InMemory) initially and deployed already. After that, I added the new fields into the temp table and modified the report. When I re-deploy the report again errors occurred.

The error which will show as below:

Unable to add the table field ‘new_field’ to the query source ‘temp_table’. Table field ‘new_field’ does not exist on table ‘temp_table’.

I checked the new fields have already been added into the temp table, therefore I tried to did the following, but the error still pop up

1) Generate the incremental CIL

2) Generate the FULL CIL

3) Synchronize the temp table

4) Synchronize the Data Dictionary

5) Reset the "Usage Date"

6) Delete the AUC file in the AppData


Try AOS and SSRS service restart…

If you have only added new fields in table in AX, first, refresh the datasource in VS, so newly added fields would be available in report. Next, as Naveed suggested, you can restart AOS and ssrs services. You can also do one more step, delete the existing rdl from ssrs reporting server url and re-deploy the report. Hope, it would solve your issue.

Synchronise the table first. restart the AOS. and redeploy the report and problem will be resolved as manish and Naveed said.