Error 'Navision cannot be installed in this operating system' while installing NAV 2016.

While installing Dynamics NAV 2016 in a newly formatted laptop every time when I clicked on ‘Setup/Setting’, error message occurred that ‘Navision cannot be installed in this operating system’. I have tried with Windows 7 Professional & Ultimate both. Can you please help me to install NAV 2016.

Have you googled Dynanamics NAV 2016 System Requirements?

Check the System/Eventlog - it will tell you what you are missing.

t is probalby .NET 3.5

Thanks Palle.
Is it required to install all prerequisites first before installing NAV 2016? or we can just install all requirements at any time?

I know that .NET 3.5 has to be install before you try to install NAV. But what is the EXACT errormessage that you get on screen?

Hi souvik Please check Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client Requirements on below link and check does it match with your system or not?…/system-requirements-for-microsoft.html

“Microsoft Dynamics NAV cannot be installed on this operating system.”

I have checked in a blog and it mentioned there that “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Setup installs the following software if it is not already present in the target computer”. I have installed .net framework 4.5.2 & visual studio 2010, but still getting same error.

Hi Pradeep. Thanks for reply. I have tried all. But still getting same error. You can check my comments on other reply. Can you suggest any other option?

Please install nav prerequisite then rolecenter client.

  • Have you logged into this laptop as Administrator.

  • Have you changed the service account while installing :

Use the computer name / account session name (of windows).

Hi, I just formatted my laptop. Run the setup as administrator. Still same error

Hi Kalyan. Do you mean all prerequisite? Will it open classic too?

Well you did NOT do as told :wink: Install .NET frame 3.5 !!!

You definately don’t need Visual Studio 2010 - So unless you have some special need of it…then you can undelete it

I forgot one thing!!! It is a Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate 64bit ??? NAV 2016 runs as a server only on 64bit!!!

I have tried in both Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate 64bit

What does the EVENTLOG say… You’ll find your answer here…

.net framework 3.5 installed but still facing same error

sorry…,net frm 3.5 is not getting installed either

Hi Palle,
I have tried all ways you have mentioned. I have checked from control panel>Program>Turn Windows Features on or off, this OS (Windows 7 Ultimate) has .net framework 3.5.1.
can you suggest any other way to install nav16?