Error "Method InventMovement.pdsCWRemainPhysical must be overridden"

Hi all,

Retail\Journals\Open statements

while calculating statement in the Retail error is prompting.

“Method InventMovement.pdsCWRemainPhysical must be overridden.”

I placed breakpoint and i found a checkmark for CatchWt item InventMovement.pdsCWRemainPhysical()

method should be overridden for Catch wt items.

Does it mean for Catch wt items there is limitation in Retail module.?

we can’t able to post a statement for catch weight items in default application(need to do customization)?

Please don’t repeat information from tags in the title (such as Retail AX 2012 R3 in this case); that’s exactly what tags are for.

Also note that your title mentioned R3 while your tag says it’s about R2. Please make it consistent.

Well, I’ve corrected.
Could you please suggest on this issue.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know if the retail module works with catch weight items. Maybe you should ask this question (without technical details) in the End User forum.

K thank you. Let me post there and check.