Error Message

Dear all, I have problem again about license. I can connect to server and there’s no any problem. but when I connect to server via C/ODBC, there’s a error message said "S0000 [Navision Software a/s][Navision Financials ODBC Driver] The file format is invalid [The file is not a valid license]. Now, I am wondering why I can connect to server and do common transaction, but when I connect to server using C/ODBC, it’s appear error message. Thanks for your helping Peace for all Murry

Are you having the ODBC mod included on your license? Did you setup the appropiate permissions on the user you’re using for connecting to the server through the ODBC session? Regards

My license is included C/ODBC, and I don’t setup permissions because I don’t make user. So it doesn’t about both license and user permissions