Error Message

I am trying to post a invoice through accounts payable that has a job specified on the line. I am getting this error message: The ROUND parameter 2 is outside of the prmitted range. Current value is 0 Permitted range is from 1. to 2147483647. If I take the job number off the line the invoice will post, but with the job number specified it will not. I know this is in the GL Setup - Unit Amount Rounding Precision field, but since I have other entries posted that did not have a job specified it will not allow me to change this field. Can anyone help

Amy, You can comment out the code in the G/L setup table and change the value, then remove the comment. Alex

Hi Amy, here is another way: Create a report with Data Item “General Ledger Setup” In OnAfterGetRecord put: “Unit-Amount Rounding Precission” := 0.001;(or whatever you need to have there) Modify; Then after you run this report, it will change the value. The advantage of this solution is, that you do not need modify the table 98 - so the date, time and size will be the original one. Because if you change the table and then after some time you get servicepack, which update this table, it will cost you some time figure out what you changed in the table and whether it is safe just replace your “modified” table with the servicepack one. Michal