Error Message:You cannot make any changes to this database until the transaction has to be started.

Hi all

I have writern below code at OnActivateForm() of slaes order screen

IF SalesSetup.GET THEN
SalesSetup.“Sales List Filter”:=TRUE;

While running the sales order form i’m getting an error message please see the attached picture.i have checked with partner source there any way to resolve this.

6740.ErrorMSg.bmp (177 KB)


Jerome Marshal.j

What is the objective of this code. can u give details

when the system gets the ‘salessetup’, and the value of “sales list filter” is already ‘TRUE’, it doesnt do anything. thus ‘modify’ command will result error.

The problem is the trigger.There is some triggers will not insert record into table

for example



if you use MODIFY or MODIFYALL at these type of triggers you will get the error which i mentioned.


Jerome Marshal.J