Error message While opening Database

Hi All

I’m getting the bellow error message while opening my FDB database.

Please help me to resolve this

3833.1.bmp (545 KB)


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From Where i Can download the C/DART tool


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Is it possible to retrive data from corrupted database(Native)


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Try to open the db as readonly.

fin dbreadonly=yes,database=xxx.fdb

And make a backup.

AFAIK C/DART is available for MS staff only. You would need to call them then.

Read this info:

Hi Thomas

Thanks For your Reply

Making database property to read only is not allow me to open the database at all


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Hi Savntage

Thanks for your reply

In that like there is nothing related to my problem.

Kindly post your ideas and any other links to get out of this problem


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I think your database is corrupted that virus is attacked, better to make a back up for your database and make using in a way that software named

C/DART is useful for you in retrieval it is present most of shareware sites which may help you.

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Thanks dennis

i don’t know much about C/DART .as of my knowledge C/Dart is only available for MS staffs.

if you know the link to download C/DART kindly let me know.


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I know your post is old but did you ever obtain C/DART and if so can you help me?

Hey,is this error is over. how you rectify it.