Error message when using DIEF for Line of business table

Hi ,

I am able to use FIEF to import Line Of Business table that contains around 2210 lines. I am able to import it into staging table but not into target table.

As I try to run the target file for the same file, I have a error message that I cant explain:

" C:\users\svcaos\appdata\local\temp$temp000b0001.$$$ while reading in record =


windows error=

Error code= 50109 = check error. The check digit read in the data is illegal. If this is regarding in entire table cache, the cache might have been flushed.Restart your job is this is the case.

Operation will fail "

I clear staging table several times and redo again unsuccessfully. Please any help is appreciated.

This is a nasty bug and Microsoft hasn’t resolved it. There are evidences that this was observed in the previous versions too.

There is no documentation on this issue. If I am correct probably you are running the client from a machine different from the AOS server. Please explain about the environments, if this wrong.

The issue is AX is looking for the file under the “AOS Service account” in client machine for the temporary file which doesn’t exist and throwing you that error message.

*C:\users* < AOS Service account >\appdata\local\temp$temp000b0001.$$$

Resloution for this Problem.
Change the Table CacheLookup property from "EntireTable" to either to "Found" or "None"
Synchronize the Table and execute the DIEF package you should be successful.

Venkata Chaitanya Kanumukula

Thanks Venkata. I’ll try and let you know.

The above issue could also be a reason of due to dirty cache.

But Table’s CacheLookup property set to "None" would force the client to retrieve the calls directly from database which may impact the performance due to the round-trips.

Would suggest either change its property to “Found” or “FoundAndEmpty”.

More information available on Cache at below links …

It has been resolved. Thanks