Error Message when copy InterCompany Dimension

I on the way testing for the intercompany function in Navision. I have try to copy the intercompany dimension value from dimension value table. Standard copy function available in Navision. However, when the dimension value is a lot (around 200), error message will prompt out and only few dimension value have copy. This promblem even happen in standard cronus DB. Have any 1 meet this problem before? Is there any solution to solve this problem others then build dataport for it?

Will very appreciate if you could share the experience??

Hi Rainee,

Are the dimensions set the same in companies in the dimension table (348) as the dimension code has a table validate as standard. As a test (in a test envoirnment) did you try to cut and paste the values at table level

Yes, the dimension was same in both company and also validate as standard. The table are not allow cut & paste function. Although copy function is there, but with error. I believe copy function in the intercompany all having problems. Even I try to copy intercompany Chart of Account, same error message also will prompt out.