Error Message when attempt to change P.O Due date

Dear all, Have any one experienced the following in Navision Manufacturing 2.60f. 1. User is working in SQL environment 2. User tries to change any one of these - Due Date or Start Date\Time or End Date\Time in a production order. 3. User gets an ERROR Message stating that “Another user has modified this Production Order after you retrieved it from the database. Enter your changes again in the updated window or start the interrupted activity again” . 4. User accepts the Error message and tries again. But the same Error message repeats. 5. The above is true for Simulated Production Orders too. Note:- 1. User does not get this error Message when he changes the due date in Local Environment(Navision Server). 2. The above is true even when there is only one user logged into the system. Can anyone help\advice me to overcome this problem. Thanks in Advance, ERP Project Manager (Navision Financials)

Hi Ramanatha, I had a similar problem in NF on a NF-server with an individually programmed form. I don’t know if there is an on-validate-trigger active after the input of the date, but try to enter Currform.Update, because there seem to be different stati between the record on the form and the record posted to the database - why!? Michael Edited by - quasimodo on 2002 May 18 20:13:22

Hi Micheal and Ramanatha, This problem does not seem to be that of the Production Orders or any form its a general Navision Problem. It also happens in the Sales Order and Quotes window etc. This happens if there is Modify statement in the on modify trigger or in the on Insert trigger. This does not occur when it is Navision Environment. But when it is SQL environment it does happen. Check if there is any modify statements on the same record. This problem may have some thing to do with the Locking of table and releasing them in the SQL enviornment. With Navision enviornment it uns fine. as the Cfront can handle this locktable issue and modify on the same record. thnx Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD