Error Message, please help

When trying to post a line item on a Sales Order, I received this error message:

"Open must be Yes in Item Ledger Entry Entry No.=‘585013’ "

This has to do with the automatically assigned Entry Number when posting a shipment on a line item on a sales order. These types of numbering issues usually occur when two people are performing the same function at exactly the same time and the system can only assign one number at a time. One of the two tasks always errors out. I know how to fix number issues that have a number range in the Number Table showing the last number used. All I have to do is change the last number used to the next consequtive number for that sequence. But the Item Ledger Entry No. is not on the Number Table so I do not know how to access this information to open an available number. When I tried to add it to the Item Ledger Entry Table, it said I do not have permission to do it.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get this item posted?



What costing Method are using for this Item?

It sounds to me like the system is trying to apply a new ILE to an Old one and adjust the Remaining Qty. but it find the ILE is not marked as open anymore, and thus cannot apply against it.

If you find the ILE in quesiton does it have a Remaining Qty but the open field is set to false?