Error message on Aged Account Recievables


when i try to run the Aged Account recievables aged by Docment date i get this message (i don’t use any filter except for the date in the aged as of field )

but when i run it aged by Due Date or Posting Date i don’t get the message!

i know that this might be a small problem, but i am not a developer so i can use any help i can get.

thank you

Hi Waleed,

This looks like a development problem. The aging is calculated and store in a decimal array. Normally there is a test to make sure that the element is in the allowed range. There is a problem in your version (probably due to customisation) which violates this. You will need a developer to look at this but it not a big issue.

Check with debugger…

at which location it’s break.

Hello Dave.

the only development done on this report was adding Cust. Ledger Entry tab on this report to be able to filter on currency and the global dimensions directly on the customer ledger entries table instead of the Customer table, and i have replaced that with a fresh version from a standard DB, and the report is generated, so i guess there was something wrong there.

anyway this newly added tab was not functiong ( i don’t know why) but if i filterd on the USD currency for example i find EUR coming on the report, do you think i should add on the report the Detailed Cust. Ledger Entry table and not the Cust. Ledger entry.

thank you.

Hi Waleed,

Can you turn on the debugger and see where the error is coming from as Ashish suggested and we might be able to narrow down what’s causing the error.

For you additional tab - it’s not that easy as the report is inserting into a temporary table with records other than the dataitem records.

I think you find this is a data issue, within the Customer (or detail) Ledger Entry. You will probably find that there is an entry where the document date is after the due date, or there is a stupid date somewhere in this field. If its a large table you may have FUN trying to find the entry.


Hello Andrew,

what do you mean Document date is after Due date, if i am running my report aged by Document date OR Due Date, so how can they conflict with each others, it’s 2 different fields.

within the ledger, both fields exist. Somewhere you may have a document date of 01/04/09, and a due date of 01/01/00. This is certainly the main cause of this problem when I have experienced it.