Error Message - Maximum number of decimals for the stockkeeping unit is 0

Hi All,

I am getting an error when trying to validate the quality order "Maximum number of decimals for the stockkeeping unit is 0"

The quality order is created automatically from the work order when we start the work order. The work order is created from the sales order line. The sales order has however one more line with the same item and configuration and there was no problem with it. The error is coming only for one SO line related quality order.

When I checked, The SO line and Work order has Eg. Quantity- 8 but the inventory transaction shows 2 lines with quantity split as 7.20 and 0.80.

I don’t want to change the decimal precision setup which is set to 0 as that can cause differences in stock calculation.

It has been working correctly and still working correctly for other orders. The problem is only with this particular order. I am neither able to validate the quality order nor delete the same. Each time I am getting the same error.

Can you please suggest me how can I resolve this issue?