Error message in WTS connectivity

One of our clients have Navison Server ( 3.7 W1) in the Head office and the branches connect to the head office using windows terminal server(WTS). When the branches connect to the remote server and then open Navision, the system through an error message, due to which navison does not open. The error messsage reads… “The File name 4u’*\fin.zup contains a character that may not be used. Please check the file name. You may find additional information on file names in the documentation for your operating system” There is no problem with the connectivity. The problem comes only on opening the Navision application. However, the Navison server works fine in the LAN environment. We have tried deleting the fin.zup file and reinstalling the Navsion server, the problem does not get resolved. Any clues??

  1. Users are runing the Navision through some Shortcut icon. Which parameters are there? 2) Navision is using user profile path for saving zup files. It seems, that there is problem with this path. Try to use ID=somepath%username%.zup parameter to tell, which folder will be used (path can be \servername\folder or c:\filder etc.)