Error message, help please

Hi, just few of our sales represantitives are getting the following error message that does not make any sense. “You may not eneter number manually. If you want to enter numbers manually, please activate manual Nos…” Do you have any idea what would cause this error, or if Navision has this on file for this situation? This is the error that you normally get if the No. Series is set to “Default” only, and you try to manually enter a number in the No. field. Thanks

Hi In the Number Series for sales orders (Sales and Receivables set-up, numbering tab) have a look at the line. You have default ticked but not manual. This means you HAVE to take the next number and you cannot create one manually - which is the message your sales reps are getting. If they press F3 and tab off they will not get the message. If they press F3 and type a number, they will receive the message.

Yes I know for this part. But the message pops up, when they want to enter into the Sales Order, from Main manu-Sales&Recivables. That is why is so strange. Thank you

Hi, may be, taat theese users have set a filter for a special Sales Order no. that does not exist anymore. Let them clear all filters or do a recompile of that form-object or delete the zup-file. br Josef Metz

Most probably, it is some filter on the form.