Error message during restore

Our european office is trying to restore the data from our Navision database that we gave them a few weeks ago.

They are on the same copy of Navision 4.01…however when he goes to restore the information the restore gets so far then an error message comes up saying “Inventory form 5 - already exists”

Then the restore process stops.

I have been testing out the backup copy I gave him locally on a test Database I use. However I cannot replicate the message.

Any thoughts or ideas to try? Thanks!

Get them to create a new blank database to restore it into, it will not have any conflicting objects then and they can run it in with your objects from the backup.

That means that since you sent them the backup they have created a form with the same name as one of the forms in the backup file. They will need to rename that form, or start a new database.

This error would generally mean you have two objects (form i guess from the name) that have the same Name. Each object type Table,form,report, etc… must within themselves have unique names.

Actually I think there is somethign odd about this error message. At first it looks like you have objects in the backup, AND in the existing database, (as commented by Daniel and John), but in fact this is not possible.

If you treid to restore a Navision database into an existing database that already contains objects,t hen navision will not give you the option to Restore Objects. So I think there is more to it.

Can you post the actuall error message in its entirety.