Error I've never seen...anyone else?

Connected to a Windows NT Terminal Server, Citrix Metaframe 1.8. Launched Navision, received following error: “The File ??? ??? already exists”. that’s the exact error. no specific file, just 6 ?'s. Cannot successfully launch Navision through the citrix connection. Local users are OK, just remote users…

What does the command line to launch Navision look like in your published application? My startup command line is below: “M:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Client\fin.exe” servername=01_rmprimary,objectcache=16000,nettype=tcp, id=\01_rmprimary\navision attain%USERNAME%, temppath=m:\ Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply…Startup looks like this: M:\fin\FIN.EXE id=%username%,temppath=%temp%,nettype=TCP,servername=pm-pdc

My id parameter has the server name and folder where I store their zup files, you might make yours specify exactly where you keep them. Same thing with the temppath. I think Navision is getting confused with no pathing. Would suspect the temppath line to be the cause, but it could be either. Good luck.

I’ll check that out…thanks again!