Error installing client NAV 2009

Hi all,

I am beginner in navision and have much to learn, I get problems when installing client and get message " the trace flag 4616 not set on database server", I usually just copy the client and nothing error like that. Anyone call help me please ?

Thanks a lot.

Did you try to google it?

Dear Mohana,

I I’ve tried it and still error usually i just copy the client and no error like that, when i use client with just copy show error “Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server” and when i try google i found solution for that error is installing the client and msxml6. So i try to install and show “error the trace flag 4616 not set on database server”.

Anyone can help me.

There are several ways to enable or disable a trace flag in Sql Server. Maybe the easiest way is to do it in the Sql Server Configuration Manager:


In the Configuration Manager you then go to the properties of the Sql Server service (default is MSSQLSERVER):


In the Advanced tab, select the StartUp parameters and add ;-T4616 at the end and then click on Ok:


Now we have added the trace flag. It will be enabled as soon as we restart the Sql Server service restart

I already gave you solution in above links…

Did you follow them?

Dear Amol and Mohana,

Thanks for you help, Trouble solved. Maybe I’m wrong when input ;-T4616.

Thanks a lot Guys.

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