Error in XMLPort in RTC

Hi, I have to create a XML Like this:


in classic it works fine, but in RTC the XMLPORT gives a runtime error because the character ‘:’ How can I solve this problem?


For XMLPORT in RTC you can not use special characters or space in between of variables.

Why? This specification is from financial department for my country, and I need to respect their XML structure… and deliver this information automaticaly from NAV, it was possible in NAV classic.

Did you try by creating xml file using xml automation?

No, I didn’t try that, because the structure is very complex and it was already created and works fine for classic.

Another question: Why I can’t create an attribute named ‘xmlns’? It gives another runtime error in RTC…

I think I have the same issue. The Classic client is happy with my root node called s:Envelope, which has an xlmns attribute, but RTC stops with the message “Could not process node s:Envelope”.

I see there is a hotfix for an XMLport issue, which sounds similar, but it is version 6.2.33046 and I am on version 6.0.33597, so I must already have this?

I have attached a screenshot of my structure. Can anyone see what I need to change to get this to work

I would appreciate any suggestions as I am on a tight deadline :frowning:

Thanks in anticipation

RTC XML problem.JPG


yes, I already solve this problem. Instead of use the xmlns as a node, use the XML property DefaultNamespace and instead of use xmlns:xsi, try use only xsi, in my case, it still work.

Thanks for the reply.

I dont know if I have understood you properly. I changed my xlmport to look like this.

I have set UseDefaultNamespace to ‘Yes’ and Direction to ‘Export’

When I export, I get the message ‘Could not process node Envelope.’
RTC XML problem 2.JPG

Hi, you can not use the char ‘:’ in node manes and using DefaultNameSapace you don’t need the node xmlns, Xmlport will give it for you in xml file, xmlport just don’t accept this as a node name.

Thanks again but I am still stuck.

My XMLport now contains no ‘:’ characters and I have removed the xmlns nodes. I no longer get the “Unable to process node” message.

However now my xmlport doesnt create any output in RTC. It continues to create a file in the classic client but without a namespace (because I removed those attributes) so that file is rejected by the web service :frowning: I need to get this working in RTC.

Now I need to try to understand why my xmlport produces no output in RTC without any explanatory message :frowning:
RTC XML problem 3.JPG

You have 2 atributes: UseDefaultNamespace and DefaultNamespace, it will use this to get in xml file the namespace you have defined.

For the 2nd problem (no output), you are using or xmlport.export?

I am already populating the DefaultNamespace and I am using xmlport.export.

Thanks again for your help. Things are a bit tense here. I need to get this running by tomorrow.


The client is currently using the classic client to enable them to perform this webservice link. I think I will have to create the XML the hard way for the RTC, i.e. write it out to a file using text variables.