Error in web service access !!!!

Hi Exparts, I am trying to access webservice through automation. Here is my code : … … IF ISCLEAR(Connector) THEN CREATE(Connector,FALSE,ISSERVICETIER); Connector.Property(‘WinHTTPAuthScheme’,1); Connector.Property(‘EndPointURL’,LocWSHL7Setup.EndPointURL); Connector.Property(‘AuthUser’,LocWSHL7Setup.AuthUser); Connector.Property(‘AuthPassword’,LocWSHL7Setup.AuthPassword); Connector.Connect; Connector.Property(‘SoapAction’,LocWSHL7Setup.SoapAction); Connector.BeginMessage; IF ISCLEAR(Serializer) THEN CREATE(Serializer,FALSE,ISSERVICETIER); Serializer.Init(Connector.InputStream); … … but when I am running it, it’s giving error saying that, Invalid Conversion. Source: NavAutomationHandle, Destination: NavStream. & when I am debugging it, it is giving error in “Serializer.Init(Connector.InputStream)” marked in above code. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks in advance. Regards, Mrinmay