Error in uploading customer master file

Hi! I was trying to upload customer masterfile in AX 2009, this is the error that I encouter. Please advise. Thanks.

Error executing code: SysDictField object not initialized.

(C)\Classes\SysDataExcelCOM\prepareEnums - line 19
(C)\Classes\SysDataImportExcel\importTable - line 6
(S)\Classes\SysDataImport\main - line 10


You were able solve this issue…?

I am getting the same issue, can you please let me know if you got fixed it.


No definition of the tool used to do this, presuming with the version it was a DAT/DEF import but not stated.

I would suggest you perform a full CIL compile if you are getting this error.

If it is AX 2009, there will be no IL.

I suspect the some enum field in the Excel may not be valid. Try to get new template and do the import again.