Error in Undo Shipments

Hi All,

We are using Navision 4.0 (SP3) and when we try to reverse out the Shipment posted using the function "undo shipment"and it gives us a message:

“You cannot undo line 10000 becausce warehouse shipments lines have already posted”

we have this problem when we ship from “warehouse shipment” and we don’t have this issue when the Items are shipped from Sales Order screen.

We have a simple setup in warehouse: checked only for Receiving & Shipping. The rest other fields are blank.

Is this how Navision works for Undo shipments? then it’s not logical…

Can some one please help!!



Hello Guru’s,

Further to the above post, I did a testing in standard navision data base Version 5.0 “Cronus International” and it works the same way.

I have asked our Partner but we dont get quick response!! any help is much appreciated.



Yes that is the way it works - you can undo the shipment if you ship it from the sales order easily. The reason for this is that it is easier to make mistakes from the sales order - if you have the added layer of processing in place to control the warehouse by creating shipments it means you have gone to the sales order generated the shipment, picked it, confirmed it and posted it - if at this stage you have not actually posted it then why did you confirm the other steps is Microsofts argument. Anyway I believe to undo shipment with warehouse management, you have to delete the warehouse shipment, the registered pick, the regisered warehouse shipment, and any picks, then you can do undo-shipment

Thanks Adam.

I understand your point. But in real world, the way microsoft looks is not practical as mistakes do happen and it’s inevitable.

Anyway, I think we have no choice other than to Issue a Sales Credit Note.

Thanks once Again for your help.



Nope it is not impractical, there are several ways around it, as I said you can delete the warehouse transactions, or you can issue a credit note - these are the processes around it.

Whilst it may seem prudent for Microsoft to write a magic wand codeunit I am afriad these solutions only support business practices, and where these are poor you cannot expect solutions to easily resolve your issues.