Error in standard report

Does any one had notest that report 6 doen not filter by Account type in Nav 5.00 sp1?

What is the problem?

Please provide the name of the report. Not everyone has the IDs memorized [:D] It will also help if someone has the same problem and does a search.


I know what is the problem

Be attention to text constant Text1110043 and 1110044 both has worong values, comparing to user options is filter.


Type ID Name Modified Version List Date Time BLOB Size Compiled
3 6 Trial Balance No NAVW14.00.01 25/05/05 12:00:00 24420 Yes

This is from v5 SP1 - and it filters… It hasn’t changed from v4, at least in my localisation it sits as in W1,

Please specify in which localisation you found the error (or Modified=Yes in your case).

It only happens if Language is set to Portuguese!

If you change it to 'English (United States) you get the correct info.

I’m waiting for an answer from Microsoft.