Error in SSRS


I have duplicated Customer external statement report.When I run the report I am getting below error.

In \Classes\PrintMgmtDocType\getDefaultReportFormat class I have called my customized report.

In menu item also I followed the same as standard.

(C)\Classes\SRS_CustAccountStatementExtController\prePromptModifyContract - line 4
(C)\Classes\SrsReportRunController\startOperation - line 7
(C)\Classes\SrsPrintMgmtController\startOperation - line 14
(C)\Classes\SrsPrintMgmtFormLetterController\startOperation - line 14
(C)\Classes\SRS_CustAccountStatementExtController\main - line 6

Any solution for this?

Problem is solved.I generated Incremented CIL.

Hello Saju,

I am facing the same issue. However, when i generate incremental CIL from AOT I am facing this issue:

CIL generation: Line Number 85 - Source array was not long enough. Check srcIndex and length, and the array’s lower bounds.

in class: SalesInvoiceController\main (line 82)

any ideas?

Thank you.