Error in Rolecenter Report: Default value or value provided for the report parameter 'Period_Year' is not a valid value.

Hi there,

I have just deployed AX 2009 with SSRS and SSAS with Contoso demo data.

In Role center reports,

  1. For CFO Profitability Analysis, i am getting below error

Default value or value provided for the report parameter ‘Period_Year’ is not a valid value. (rsInvalidReportParameter)

  1. Top Customers by YTD Sales

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted) Get Online Help

  • Query execution failed for dataset ‘Year’. (rsErrorExecutingCommand) Get Online Help
    • The Accounts Receivable Cube cube either does not exist or has not been processed.

In most of the reports i am getting these kind of errors. I am not sure, what i am missing in configurations.

Can any one you help me to fix this?

Thanks in Advance,

Loganathan S

Try by editing the web part and changing the default parameters…


I notice you have multiple errors. Have a look at the video from this article for solving your first error -

The second error as the message indicates you have to process AR cube. This was already discussed in this forum. Please search in this forum for how to process cubes.

Hi Harish,

Thank you for your update. It really helped me.

However i am getting "Default value or value provided for the report parameter ‘Period_Year’ is not a valid value. " and "Default value or value provided for the report parameter ‘TopNCustomers_EndDate’ is not a valid value. " for which i could not find any posts.

Any clue about it?

Thanks in Advance,

Loganathan S

I’m 90% sure this is data related.

From the errors is looks like EP is talking to SSRS and to SSAS. The errors now are just data related within the cubes. Do you have the cube cleanup completed and have the cubes been processed? If not then getting the cubes processed would be your next steps. If you’ve done this already, then it might be due to some of the data. Verify that you have ledger periods defined and you may also need to go through the following steps to update the time dimensions.

  1. Administration > Setup > Business Analysis > OLAP > Timte Periods > Import > Import from AOT

  2. Administration > Setup > Business Analysis > OLAP > OLAP Administration

a. Select the server and database

b. On the advanced tab mark the ‘Update Bi Data’ option

c. Click the Update Databases button

  1. Process the OLAP database

Thank a Lot Alex.

I could partly fix the issues.

However, to validate reports and its parameter

  1. While i am trying to load Report Libraries to VS from AOT, I am getting an error as “Exception from HRESULT: 0x80041FE1” in Visual Studio 2008.

Any clue on how it can be fied?

  1. And also, while i am trying access the quiry from Report Builder (Internet Explorer >> Open reports site (http:///reports) >> find specific report and Right Click >> Edit in Report Builder >> In Report Builder, Select Data set properties and Click Query Designer) i am getting below error

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder

An error occurred while connecting to the data source. Only the text-based query designer will be available.


The selected data extension AXDATAMETHOD is not installed or cannot be loaded. Verify that the selected data extension is installed on the client for local reports and on the report server for published reports. (Microsoft.ReportingServices.Designer.Controls)

Any clue how it can be fixed?

FYI: Our environment is Win2008 Sever R2; SQL 2008 R2; All AX components installed in single server

Thanks in Advance,

Loganathan S


The first issue you mentioned is well known issue. You should install VS 2008 Professional Edition in order to edit Report libraries.

Have you deployed your ODC files? Check on your EP site http://ServerName/sites/DynamicsAx/Data%20Connections. Have you modified them correctly? Here is how to manually deploy them:

Have you setup security correctly in SSAS? You need to modify security on the different roles, or create one role with the correct security.

Do you have the correct permissions in EP? I’ve seen EP security cause that error too.