Error in Restore Process

Our version is W1.2.60 A and now running on Raid with app. 800 MB size in 3 disks. We can make a full backup but when we are starting to restore , in the middle of the key creation it give “Error 19 in module 1355” I have no idea why this error occurs . I checked the Error desciptions from this site but it did not give me an idea!!

Error 1355 in module 19 ---------- 1355 in module 19 is Non re-entrant code You’ll get the error message when a particular piece of code in the database manager is called twice (probably from two different processes). --------------- Have you run database test sucessfully? Product Manager

“Error 1355 in module 19”… Hmmm… You must find table on which backup stops. Check any fields included in indexes. Remove any non-latin characters (ASCII <= 127). I found this problem in NF2.5 (SQL based). After removing this characters from indexes backup process in working ok. Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia

This error also occurs if you are logging on and off the server with Netop while restoring or building database. Best Regards Gustav Jensen Billing Consultant

Error 1355 in module 19 I have had the same problem. I have found out that if I create super user that is already in the backup file then, I don’t get this error. But then I can’t make a full restore of the backup cause it does not allow me to restore Application Object. The solution is to restore backup and then move all the objects. Ps. I have some Greek characters in my database It did not mater on what OS (win98,win2000,NT4) I was running or if it was on server or local. Bjarni Thor Bjarnason Software Development Landsteinar Iceland

I have seen this problem disappear on WinNT4.0 SP6a, however it came back with Win2000.