Error in Reports

Hi all, whenever i run some reports…it give me error like… overflow under type conversion of Code to Code… Can any one guide me… Tejas

Overflow under type conversion of Code to Code means just that a value you’re trying to pass to a variable or field type code is longer than the maximum lenght of that field/variable. Did you increase the lenght of any code type field on a record used by that field?? In easy words… if you’re having a field type code size 10 characters and you try to put on it a value like ‘ThisIsMoreThanTenCharacters’, that’s the error you’ll receive. BTW… are you on Axapta or it’s an error on Navision… because this is the Axapta forum, now that I notice (the error meaning will be the same everywhere…)

Hey, The report u r trying to run must be calling some codeunit and u r passing value from the report and the report might be processing only or whatever so if u r passing the field with the increased size and u havent changed the field size in the codeunit which is being called it will prompt an error like this Just check it out this, Kashyap Thaker

Hi Tejas r u working on Axapta rite now?