error in Production Schedule

Please help me, I face Error Message when I try to open Production Schedule Feature in Navision 4.00 SP 1, by Click on Manefacturing in Navigation ban, then click on Planning – Production Schedule.

Error Showing Schedule datathe Error Message is (Error showing schedule data on the Production Schedule)

Please If you have any information maybe useful, please provide me by My special Email address or only write your answer on this Message.

thanks for all.


I have the same error : This message is shown because of “special characters” in the next fields :

Solution 1. (Install the hotfix) : it doesn’t work with me. Perhaps I have missed something when getting the hotfix from my partner…

Solution 2.

2.1 Don’t use special characters in static parameters like : & AND <>

- Customer Name

- Item.Description AND “Prod. Order Line”.Description

- “Machine center”.Name AND “Work center”.Name AND “Prod. Order Routing Line”.Description

2.2 In case of Parallel Routing, in routing line, in the 2 fields “Next operation No.” and “Previous operation No.”:

If u have operations 20, 30, 40 and 50 those executed in paraellel way, don’t use 20…50 but use 20|30|40|50.

In The 2.2 point another error message is shown : “Routing line of PO is referring to non-existent next/previous operation” (Not the same error msg u asked about).

Good luck…

i got error when open Production Schedule.

The error message is : The table “Subtitle” uses the non existent filter “”. The filter entry is corrected to “”

can anyone help me? thx

Hi Motion,

What version u r using ?

I’m using Version AP 4.0 SP1

Hi motion,

For beginning, There is no table on Dynamics NAV 4 named “Substitle”.

U shoul try this if u have installed 2 NAV versions in the same Computer, and also if u have “Dynamics AX” with “Dynamics NAV” on the same Computer : This make a conflict on the Gannt Automation path(ocx file).

thx a lot kamel

After i uninstall Axapta, it can works again :slight_smile: