Error in Posting the PO Packing Slip

HI All

I have customizes the Packing slip report as per the client requiremnet… on last week at that time it is working properly … on to day when i am checking with tht report i cant able to open the report . expect the Packing slip remaing PO, Invocie ,Receipt i can able to open the report. i dont know wat is the problem .

when i am posting i am getting the below infolog message.

No record found in the Item/version price per cost group table. Transfer a cost price for this item.

wheni double click the above msg it si going to directly to class level code.

InventCostTransCostList-> Class

under the class → newStdCostList Method … i am getting the error.

can any one help me … how to solve the above problem.

It is a standard message. It will not book it in because it does not know the cost of the item, you need to activate one in the costing version, assuming this item is correctly set up as a standard cost item.

Try to debug ,it will help you more in this case.