Error in Posting Statement

Hello everyone! I’m new here in this site and I just want to ask if you encounter this kind of problem. I was posting an statement then suddenly this error appear. (Expiration date is before posting date. in Item Ledger Entry Entry No.=‘426402’. Can anyone help me how to get rid of this one. Many thanks.

The underlying cause of the error appears to be a business rule that requires the posting date to be equal to or earlier than the expiration date for the entry. Without looking at your code or data, I’d think that you have three options - change the business rule, modify the Posting Date on the document you’re trying to post so that it is sooner than the Expiration date, or modify the Expiration Date on the same record so that it is later than the posting date.

I can’t say which approach would be best in your particular case, but I think this is a complete list of options. Changing the business rule involves making program changes to the C/AL code involved in posting the document, and may be your least-desirable option, and possibly even least cost-effective. Changing the dates in the source transaction is not without risks either. Just because you can modify a data value to get the document to post, that doesn’t automatically mean that making that data change is the best solution to the problem.

So, you’ll probably need to start by understanding the objectives of the business rule that requires the expiration date to be later than the posting date. Until you have that understanding, you won’t have enough information to know whether changing the date data in the problem transaction is the right solution. You’ll need the same understanding before you consider changing the code that supports the business rule.

I haven’t answered your question here, but I think you’ve now got a good structured approach to finding the right answer among your own team.

Hope that helps.