Error in posting service order

I want to post service order having transaction type hour with SERVICE TAX and I attached STC no,but it still shows an infolog that STC no must be filled in…I want all the steps required to post service order with service tax and having transaction type hour.

Post what? The journal or the invoice - they are obviously very different.


Field STC number must be filled in.this error shows only when I attached a sales tax and item sales tax group to service order having transaction type hour

When I post the same service order without service tax and item service tax group it get posted and invoiced too…

What is the STC number - is this is a localization?

If you post without and then invoice does the invoice get the tax from the service and project contract combination?

Yess this is indian localisation(service tax code).

Nope invoice doesnt get tax from service and project contract combination

Then I would suggest it is a localization issue and either post it in the Indian forum or report to MS.