error in posting - receive


i’m trying to post a partial receipt but i have the following error:

the inventory Posting setup does not exist…
identification fields and values:

Location code = ‘Marsa’, int.Posting Group Code = ‘FINISHED’

when i checked from administration - warehouse- inventory setup/locations setup both are filled correctly…

Can you help me pls…


Do you have the Inventory Posting Setup filled in? You’ll need to specify a location code, Inventory Posting Group, and certain accounts. Try going through Financial Management to the Posting Groups setup. Which version are you using?

As Decepticon correctly points out:

Administration - Application Setup - Financial Managment - Posting Groups - Inventory Setup

The Marsa Location and Posting Group Code Finished needs to have the Inventory Account specified as a minimum - Inventory Account (Interim) if using expected costing and depending upon whether production is used the other accounts need to be defined as well.


i’ve checked the steps you told me … the invenotry setup is still empty … if i have 3 locations i have to fill the details for all of 3 I presume…

Another question: - so why do i do the setup in the administration - warehouse-- invenotry setup/location list and then this error pops up… they’re filled up correctly…


i’m currently using NAv 5 servie pack 1…

so what the use of making the setup in the warehouse than in the posting you have to re-assign it again?


The posting setup specifies which accounts the items should travel through based on “location”. If for location A an item needed to hit an account for finished goods, but for Location B it needed to hit an account for raw materials as an example. The Warehouse or Inventory setup doesn’t have these account specifications.

to tell you the truth i don’t need to choose finished goods because the case study i’m currently working on is importing househol appliances and sellign them to retail shops… But when i tried to create other type rather than Raw materials, Finished… e.g RESALE… errors popped up and if i didn;t delete them i could not proceed futher on.

Have you got other opinion how can i solve this of the inventory or still do i have to mark them in the inventory setup…


Actually, I was only listing those as an example. I’m really not sure what G/L accounts you will need to have your inventory post through as it will vary from company to company.

What errors do you receive?

i’ve renamed the finished goods…into resale now it’s ok … but now i have another error [:’(]

you must specify direct cost Applied Account in the General Posting Setup Gen. Bus. posting Group = ‘EU’, posting group = ‘Resale’.


Check the General Posting Setup in Financial Management → Setup → Posting Groups → General. Once again you will need to specify G/L accounts. Do you have access to the Cronus test db that came with the installation package?

Before you even start doing ANY processing you need to understand how the posting groups are setup, otherwise you will constantly hit errors depending upon what you are processing and you will have no idea how the entries are getting into the base accounts - so how can you ever advise anyone to set the system up?

As a start you need to populate the posting groups with the correct ledger accounts as Decept1con as told you. But you need to understand when these are hit and which GL accounts you need to specify.

The standard finance training is a good start, and you seem to be going through a case study, but there is clearly a case study you need to do before this to set up the posting groups.

The posting groups are one of the key foundation points of NAV. You need to have a decent understanding of them.

Absolutely correct, I’ve been presumptuous in my advise.

No not at all, I was just worried that 40 replies later and when we are on the 8th posting group error stopping a purchase/sale/inventory movement we might just give up [:D]