Error in posting purchace order invoice


When I post purchase order invoice, an error message will prompt “Account Number of transaction type purchase, consumption does not exist”. This error message means that the posting account is not set for consumption. However, it does not happened to all purchase order. Only a few PO is affected. What is the issue causing this? Is it compulsary to set the posting account for consumption under purchase order?

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This account is used for the posting of the credit when the cost price differs from the purchase price. I believe anything you purchase will need one, but I am not on teh accounts side of the business :slight_smile:

This account is only used when you when you have entered return lines in your purchase order against a different costprise then the receipt. You have to fillin a costaccount in your inventorygroup or posting (general).

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If you are using standard cost, it could also be a difference between the physical transaction value and the standard cost and marking is used.

This often occurs when you use the same line to return a product back to a supplier.

Stock items should not post to the consumption account, and just setting this up will mask faults in the set up - they should only post to balance sheet accounts; the consumption account is a profit and loss account.


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I receive this error upon PO credit invoicing. any resolutions yet?

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Have you updated the consumption account in the PO tab of item group. That will work.


It simply means that the combination of item is not configured to allow the process, this could be a deliberate control process by finance, so you first need to check with them the configuration of the posting profiles.