Error in posting a purchase order

Dear all, I encountered problem in posting to invoice in my purchase order. The error message is “Account number for transaction type ‘Purchase, charge’ does not exist.”. Am I missed out any configuration? Really appreciate for your help. Thanks!

Go to stock management, Setup, Posting. On the purchase order tab you will need to assign an account code to the charge option. I think this was was only introduced with the market pack or SP3 so if you didn’t have the error previously - that may explain why. regards, Adam Seaton

Or if you do not want to post transactions using this function - switch the feature key off. Trade\Options\Physical Posting\Post on charge account Regards Phil Dawson

Hi guys, Thank you very much for your help. I managed to solve it. Thanks! Now I have another unsolved problem, hope that someone can help me. Thanks! I been trying to set up prices in foreign currencies in Trade agreements under Sales Orders module. But seems it’s not working for the currency conversion. As for your info, I have set up the currency exchange rate in currency module. Anything else I should configure in order to make this unit price works for foreign currency; to retrieve from trade agreement at sales orders module when I’m entering a new order line? Thanks for your help. Thanks & Regards, wanchee

There are a number of things that may need to be set up depending on whether you are using item prices, line discounts, or multi-line discounts. But assuming you just want prices per item (or item group) per customer (or customer group) - make sure you have the groups set-up and assigned to the customer, and check that the discount feature has been activated in Sales orders>setup>Price/Discount>Activate Price/Discount form. You should at least have the Customer/Item/Price box marked. The foreign currency issues should not really make any difference as you specify on the trade agreement what currency is valid. regards, Adam Seaton

Thank you Adam Seaton, The tips you have provided here really help me a lot. Thanks! Thanks & Regards, wanchee