Error in Payment Applying from customer!!!!!!!!!


i need help… regarding when i am applying a payment(customer) for invoice in USD having with document type payment then it’s working right but when i am doing same only with change blank doc type and also currency which is also not in USD then it does not applying so

i want to know is any other process for applying payment in other currency and also either with blank doc no.

waiting for reply

Vijay Gupta


In Sales & Purchases Setup there is an option Appln.between currencies - it must be set to All (default is None).


i have check this field it has also set to All

Neither Blank DocType nor DocNo field (you mentioned them both in your post, don’t know what exactly you mean) could be the reason of not allowing to apply…

Check if you haven’t already applied all the Amt (Open = No, Remaining Amt = 0.00 then, but such lines doesn’t appear in Apply Entries Form), or you have already exhausted all Payment Amt for first lines and try to add some more lines when there is nothing left to apply.