Error in Outlook Integration

Hi All,

I’m using Nav 5.0 SP1 (Native).

Try to integrate MS Outlook 2002 with Nav 5.0 SP1 .


Faceing the error msg at time of Company selection in the MS Outlook 2002 (Setting ----> Connection—>Company Name)

Plz reply.


This is obviously the same error you are reporting here within two different threads.

I guess the outlook problem will be solved when solving the Database login problem.

Hi Thomas,

Thns for your quick reply.

Still waiting for more.

Did you already solve your other database access problem?

If yes, did the problem above go away?

Yes Erik,

Windows Login problem is solved.

But I’m not able to synchronize.

It gives me a Time out error.

Hi Subratu,

Have you been able to find a solution to your problem?

Sorry for the same.

Yes Erik, It’s solved now.

And what was the problem?

If you ask a question, and you find the solution your self, then please write the answer, in case other users get the same problem. Thanks.

the follow thing I have done for the Issue.

I have changed few things in NAS Service property. Screen shot given bellow.

NAS Service Property

Tab Log On (here you must put the Windows login you defined in SQL-security and Navision-security)

  1. This account: Put your windows useraccount in it
  2. Password, confirm password: put the password of the account

And get full access permission of the Network Drives