Error in opening Table

Hi Friends,

When i am opening the table AifSqlCdcEnabledTables facing this error. How to Resolve this.

Request for the permission of type ‘AifChangeTrackingPermission’ failed.

(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\AifSqlCdcEnabledTables\Methods\aosValidateRead - line 16
(C)\Forms\SysTableBrowser\Data Sources\AifSqlCdcEnabledTables\Methods\executeQuery - line 16
(C)\Forms\SysTableBrowser\Methods\run - line 3
(C)\Classes\SysTableBrowser\run - line 76

Please Help me.

Thanks in Advance.

It’s the same in my system. The validation simply don’t allow to use the table in this context.

How to do that validation…Please tell me

The validation is already implemented in AifSqlCdcEnabledTables.**aosValidateRead(), as you can see in the call stack. It’s related to the Table Permissions Framework.

Thank you