Error in NAV 2013 while login

Hi All,

While I am trying to run the program. NAV 2013. while login here ma using developer license

"Your program license does not permit more users to work simultaneously. Wait until another user has stopped using the program. Contact your system administrator if you want to allow more simultaneous users on your system. "

Kindly suggest a solution


Did you upload the licese?

Did you restart service after uploading?

What do you mean by Developer Licese?partner License?

yes I have upload the license and restart the service and has upload the partner license.

but getting error


Check license in RTC as shown below. Is that the same license (partner license)?


Here it showing the cronus license , but I have already uploaded the developer license , why it showing this ?


Make sure that you have imported the license on correct SQL Instance.

  • NAV 2013 creates a separate instance if you select Install DEMO. That instance is named as NAVDEMO.

After installation restart the service and check.

Here the screen shot , but still the same error of license.

How did you Upload License?

Are you connecting to right darabase in RTC also?

For uploading the license - Tools → License Information → Upload

yes am connecting the right database, below the screen shot

Hi Shailesh,

It sounds like you have uploaded the WRONG PARTNER LICENSE!

With the new licensing model introduced with NAV 2013, the partner license you have been using and still can use for NAV 2009 and previous versions can not be used with NAV 2013!

You need to get a new and NAV 2013 enabled license from Microsoft.